~ Morgan Whiz ~

Melissa Morgan Whiz at her galleryVISIONARY, GIFTED, MAGICAL, BEYOND THINKER

Melissa Morgan Whiz’s artwork represents interesting concepts surrounding mythology,  injustice, influential people, and historical events.

Many of her art pieces contain magazine and/or newspaper clippings that will never be printed again and, are assembled in such a way making them unable to be duplicated or copied.  Her talent and ideas are truly a gift from above.

For Morgan Whiz, creating art is about finding how to develop a concept to its fullest capacity and then making it into something even more spectacular and dynamic.  This sometimes means revisiting an art piece after months or even years to add that finishing touch or to implement a new idea. 

“Art is an inescapable reality! The functionality of nature is a pure work of art.  If art ever ceased to exist, creation would not exist since art is in everything and everything is owed to art.” -Morgan Whiz