Artist Inspiration

"Picasso Remix" by Morgan Whiz

I get a lot of questions about this art piece (on the right) and where my inspiration came from. I named it “Picasso Remix”. It was actually one of my first 3 collages that I created a little over 13 years ago when I was in my teens (inspiration from art genius Pablo Picasso). It was around that time 13 years ago, that I realized I had this talent and an urge to start making art collages.

Pablo Picasso is famously quoted saying, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” This quote is one of those mind f*ck-ing quotes, especially for artists like myself who express our originality in the work we create. His quote made me look at my recreation of his work and critically ask myself, did I copy or did I steal???

Years later, after getting positive reviews and feedback of this piece and comparing mine with the original, I am comfortable saying that I did in fact steal from the creative art legend himself. I say this with the utmost respect and gratitude.

So what’s the difference???

Copying is boring, unoriginal and using someone’s else’s work and style and claiming it as your own. While stealing is getting inspiration from something that inspires you and injecting your own style, creativity and turning it into something better and your own creation. You now own that idea because when people see it, they do not immediately think of the original and they are fully engaged with your work.

So I say this to say, if you are inspired, don’t copy, but instead steal and be great.

Food for thought – Cheers!!!

“Rising Sun” by Melissa Morgan Whiz

Magazine Clippings, Paint, Ink & Metallic Paint; 24" x 18"
Magazine Clippings, Paint, Ink & Metallic Paint; 24″ x 18″

A collage/painting and interpretation of ancient Chinese architect near a large body of water with a blazing sun in the horizon. Over 700 pieces of magazine clippings were used for this particular artwork. To purchase the ORIGINAL, please email me directly to find out if this artwork is still available at